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Getting Healthier

I am finally working on one of my goals for the year. My husband and I joined a web site called Spark People. You can keep track of your calorie intake, calories burned, how much water you drank that day and so on and stuff. Its pretty cool. You can make your own profile page kind of like myspace, but everyone there is trying to lose weight or keep it off. Tonight we went and joined a gym. I am a little sore, but I bet it will be worse tomorrow. Today is the second day without any soda. This morning I had juice then the rest of the day has been water. I am trying to not have any soda but its harder than you think. One of my goals is to write in a journal every day so this will be my journal.

What Happened to Manners?

On Wednesday my family went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was my hubby, my mother in law, my brother in law, and myself. We had a good time for the most part. It was crowded because it was half price day. We had no clue they did this half price or we would have waited to go Thursday or today.

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I want to start this week on a positive note. It is always good to take a step back from your life and count the ways you have been blessed. If you do not know how you have been blessed then how can you appreciate your blessings? Here are some of ways  I am blessed.

  1. I have a wonderful husband who supports me without question.
  2. My parents are always here when I need them.
  3. My Dad  is finally getting stronger and healthier now that he is through with chemo.
  4. I have a stable life which I can count on.
  5. My husband and I are happy.
  6. My husband is very loving.

Happy St Patricks Day


I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy St. Patricks Day. I hope you have your green on.


Do you know you are loved by Christ? He loves you and me and everyone around us. He wants to be there for all of us. All you have to do is accept him and believe in him. Pray to him you are troubled. He wants you burden him with your troubles. You do not have to bear them alone.

That if you confess with your mouth,  “Jesus is Lord,” and you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is your mouth that you confess and are saved. Romans 10:9-10

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Me: A to Z

A   If you were an ANIMAL, what would you be?

I would want to be a dog. People to take care of me, rub my belly, love me, and no worries.

B   BOOKS: What’s on your reading list?

I love to read. Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Nicholas Sparks, Janet Evnaovich, Fern Michaels, Jodi Picoult, James Patterson, J. K. Rowlings, Laura Levine, and many many many more.

C   COMPULSIVE about anything?


D   DREAMS – Do you … dream in color? remember your dreams? keep a dream journal?

I sometimes remember my dreams. Sometimes they are in color, sometimes in black and white. No I do not keep a dream journal.

E   EATING – what’s your usual snack?

Chips, Fruit, whatever I can find that sounds good at the time

F   A Few of your FAVORITE Things

The way my hubby smells after a shower, snuggling up with hubby and the dogs watching movies, being home when hubby gets off of work

G   GIGGLES! What (or who) makes you laugh? Do you have a good sense of humor?

My hubby makes me laugh all the time

H   major HOT Button:

being lied to

I   I am ______________

I am a night owl. I stay up way too late or should I stay early

K   Also KNOWN As… Aliases? Screen names? A non de plume perhaps?

Jessica     Jess    Jessi

L   I LOVE …

My hubby, my family, my dogs, the color pink

M   How do you feel about MEETING people? Do it all the time? Rarely? Parties or 1-on-1?

I love meeting new people on a 1 on 1 setting

N   What’s the story of your NAME? were you named after anyone? Do you go by a nickname? Any aliases?

It took my parents 9 days to name me. I am named after my Great-Grandfather Jesse and a couple of other family members by the name of Jess

My Middle name is after my Mom and my Grandmothers all their middle names are the same. 

O   OBSERVANT – What’s around you right now? What do you see?

I am in our travel trailer and I see darkness all around me

P   Who are the special PEOPLE in your life?

My hubby, my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my family

Q   Any Little QUIRKs About Yourself:

I pop my neck, back, fingers, wrists, toes, and feet

I am terrified of storms

R   What do you like to do for RECREATION?

Read Write Computer Sew Bake Paint SHOP SHOP SHOP

S   Do You SING in the Shower? In the car? For your friends?

I sing a lot but its not very pretty I can make dogs howl!!!!

T   What’s at the Top of your TO DO list?:

At the moment Laundry

U   Any UNUSUAL Experiences:

Lets just say I have seen a ghost and some freaky stuff go down

V   VEGAS, Vienna, Venice, Vladivostok… How far have you traveled? What’s your favorite City?

I have not traveled very far. I have been to Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Missouri, Arkansas, and New Mexico

I would love to visit New York and San Fransico

W   WINTER, Spring, Summer, Fall… What’s your favorite season? What makes it special?

I Love summer because its warm and I get to swim

X   EXes – Things You Don’t Do Anymore (but did, once (would you, again?))

I do not have to worry about being alone any more

Y   Any secret/deep YEARNINGS?

I want to be a mommy more than anything

Z   ZERO to ZENITH – Where are you in your life? Still growing? On an upward (or downward) curve? Just skating along?

at this point I am just skating along

Courtroom TV Shows

  What do you think of these courtroom TV shows? Personally, I can not stand them. How many more can they put out? It seems like every time I turn on the TV there is another show. It seems like are the only thing on in the late afternoon or late at night. These shows are so darn annoying. People will do or say the stupidest crap to have their 15 minutes of fame. Why would you want to go on national TV and air all your dirty laundry??

Weird Place and Goals

I am in a really weird place. I am happy, yet I am sad. I got plenty of sleep, yet I feel so tired.  I just ate and I am full yet I feel empty. I have a great life, but it is not good enough. I want more. I need more. I am bored. I want to have a life yet I am letting my fear stop me from getting the life I want. Why can I not get over my fear? I feel like it is eating me alive. I have goals that I would like to accomplish this year but I have made no progress on them yet.

  1. I want/ need to get my drivers license
  2. Get my GED
  3. Lose this weight that I have
  4. Stop wasting my life
  5. To be a mom ( I want this more than anything)

The First One

This is an outlet for whatever random thoughts  circle around in my head, for what I believe, and what gets on my nerves.

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