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Courtroom TV Shows

  What do you think of these courtroom TV shows? Personally, I can not stand them. How many more can they put out? It seems like every time I turn on the TV there is another show. It seems like are the only thing on in the late afternoon or late at night. These shows are so darn annoying. People will do or say the stupidest crap to have their 15 minutes of fame. Why would you want to go on national TV and air all your dirty laundry??


Weird Place and Goals

I am in a really weird place. I am happy, yet I am sad. I got plenty of sleep, yet I feel so tired.  I just ate and I am full yet I feel empty. I have a great life, but it is not good enough. I want more. I need more. I am bored. I want to have a life yet I am letting my fear stop me from getting the life I want. Why can I not get over my fear? I feel like it is eating me alive. I have goals that I would like to accomplish this year but I have made no progress on them yet.

  1. I want/ need to get my drivers license
  2. Get my GED
  3. Lose this weight that I have
  4. Stop wasting my life
  5. To be a mom ( I want this more than anything)

The First One

This is an outlet for whatever random thoughts  circle around in my head, for what I believe, and what gets on my nerves.

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