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Quote Notes 4

Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet but one of the most vital.
 Kelly Barton


This is so true……


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Neither should you fret too much about ‘writers block’. If you are looking at a blank piece of paper and nothing comes to you, then go do something else. Writer block is just a symptom of feeling like you have nothing to say, combined with the rather weird idea that you SHOULD feel the need to say something.


Hugh Macleod



I have dealt with writers block before. I really have never looked at writers block in just this way. It is in interesting point. Writers block is really just a state of mind and sometimes it is hard to get out of that state. It is all you can think of, because you really do feel like you should have something to say.

Quote Notes 2

Books may be the only true magic.


Alice Hoffman


It does not matter where you are or how many people are around just crack open a book and you can be anywhere in a matter of seconds. You can be in the future, the past, the present, another country or another planet. This to me really makes books magic. You go where the author wants you to go and you see what the author wants you to see.


It is a wonderful Sunday. We are watching the racing. Dale Jr. is doing very good. We are relaxing together. Cuddled up together cause its kind of chilly. Even the dogs are relaxing and not really excited about anything. Sunday a day of rest.

I was going to weigh myself yesterday. The scale is in my mother in laws bathroom. I step on it and it said I weighed 0.0 lbs.  Yahoo!!! I am skinny!!! (Just Kidding) Her scale is on the fritz. I went to the gym tonight and got and their scale and it said I lost 4 more lbs. That means I have lost 8 lbs all together. Plus it was the wrong time to weigh. It was in the evening about 2 hours after I ate dinner, plus I had my shoes on. I am giddy. I almost at my first goal of 10 lbs. I am so proud of myself. I know I keep saying that, but I keep proving to myself that if I put my mind I can do anything! I have a confidence problem. I am amazed that this is working.

Quote Notes


This is the inspirational quote on Spark People. It made me think. I know I could be nicer to people. We all can. Really it is about being the best person you can be, and most of us want to be a better person.


I like these quotes. I think I am going to do a quote of the day. Or maybe one a week.  I think I will try the quote of the day and see how that goes.

Happy Birthday





Happy Birthday Cammie. I love you. You are the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. I hope you have a great day!!!!!


I am feeling really great today. I just got back from the gym. I am proud of myself I managed to drink 9 glasses of water today. That is huge for me. I do not like the taste of water so I use Crystal Light to go.  It has 10 calories in a package. I also use the Lipton Tea to go things and those have no calories so I try to use those more, but I like the Crystal Light better. I did ankle presses and my calves are a little sore, but that is ok. It will be so worth every ache and pain to get healthier. I have not gotten back on the scale, but I will tomorrow. I also tracked everything I ate today. I really want to start doing that everyday. That way I do not go over my calories for the day. Sometime I feel like when I am putting stuff into the tracker that I could be up and burning calories, but it is important to keep up with what you eat.

I could not go to the gym tonight, but I did work out. I did water aerobics for about 45 minutes. Plus I did my workout tape and some strength training. We had some pretty bad storms here. I think they dropped three tornados. We are safe and I hope everyone else is safe. Steve starts his new job tomorrow. He has to be up about 4:20 in the morning. He is starting his training in Dallas, but he will work in Burleson as soon as they open the new store. Have a safe night all.


Did you have a favorite teacher in school? What made them your favorite? What grade did they teach? Why do they stand out in your mind the most?

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