Paperwork and Gas Prices that Suck!!!!

We are going to do paperwork on the house tomorrow. No, we have not come up with the $1900 yet. (there is still time) I do not know if I have said this before, but it is an owner fiance. The owner is considering giving us a loan with the trailer as collateral. Steve’s sister is buying some land behind her house, so she cant afford to buy the trailer back. I put the trailer on Craigslist. I have a a couple of inquires but no solid I want it, and I am buying it. We are trying not to stress over this. It will happen if it is meant to happen. I am trying to be patient, but it really is hard.


Gas prices are creeping slowly to the $4.00 mark. I know in some places it has already sailed over the $4.00 mark. Diesel is even worse almost $5.00. I wish Steve could do his deliveries in our car. It has so much better gas mileage, but I do not think we could get a Trane ac unit in our tiny cobalt. I really do not why our government can not help to lower gas prices. They are really hurting a lot of people. Some of us are having to choose between groceries or gas, but the sad thing is if you do not have gas most people can not get to work. How can we change this problem? I saw the assistant CEO or whatever he is from e@@on when they had their board member meeting in Dallas. The man had the nerve to say we need to cut back. Where have we not cut back from. This man makes millions every year. He is not hurting, Lets see him do what we do. Those million do not begin to compare to what the oil companies are making off of us. Everything is going up it is not just the gas prices it is food, clothing, health and beauty items, cleaning supplies, and a list that keeps getting longer and longer.



  1. If we get this new renewable petroleum that is made by bacteria perfected all of this worry and woe could be behind us

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