The C Word

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Cancer……It is a pretty small word to have such power. It strikes fear in the hearts of many. It changes lives and families. How many of us has lost a love one to cancer? I know I have. How many of us have loved ones fighting for their lives? I do.

My Dad was diagnosed with non-small cell carcinoma (lung cancer) on June 8, 2007. That day was also the 4th anniversary of my Uncle’s death, he died of cancer.

Dad made it through chemo and radiation. He kept up a positive attitude, ate as much as he could, and went for walk when he could. He did not get sick, but he was in a lot of pain. All this was during the end of summer, fall and winter of last year. He is gaining strength every time I see him. His hair is back, although it will take awhile to get it to the length it was, but he has more hair than either one of his son in laws.


We found out last week that there is a new spot in the same lung but it is in the highest chamber. The Dr. said it could be a fungus growing. The original cancer is gone they can not see it. There is also another spot in the lowest chamber that they are keeping an eye on. They are also going to have to do tests on his liver. It seems that his liver has changed, but I am not sure how? They say it is common for it to change after chemo, but they want to make sure. So he has a whole battery of tests in the next two weeks to find out if its cancer again and what we need to do now.

Our family could use all the thoughts and prayers you can give. We will take this one day at a time and find our strength in the Lord and each other.


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