Before and After


Last weekend we got our new stove and dishwasher.  The stove that came with the house was old. It was also a slide  in, and it was only 26 inches wide which is little for a stove. We knew we would have to cut off some of the counter off. Well Steve and my Dad got the counters cut down and got the old stove out. They got it wired and then tried to push it back. Well lets just say it did not fit. Mom and Dad had to return their trailer they had rented so they headed back home.  Steve and I decided that the cabinet and the counter top was coming out that night.  Little did we know, Steve pulled up on the counter and the whole thing came off the cabinet.  OK, that was easy. Steve grabbed a door and pulled off came the door with half the cabinet. These things were real sturdy!!!! We went to the big orange home improvement place and priced cabinets. Well seeing that Steve wont get his first paycheck from Dr. Pepper until this coming Friday we decided to hold off. Well Mom and Dad came back down on Sunday and they were being the wonderful parents that they always are, and bought us cabinets and a counter top. They look so awesome!!! If you just look at my right bottom side the kitchen is so pretty. It will not be long before the rest of the kitchen is caught up. I can not say thank you enough Mom and Dad. We love you guys!!!

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As for the dishwasher being put in that is a whole other blog!!!


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