Happy, House, Insurance, and Mom and Dad

I can not begin to describe how happy I am to be in our own home. I know we are not moving any where for a long long time. I love waking up in the morning and knowing if I want to paint the walls black and orange I could, but I would not do that I hate the color orange. It is a relief knowing as long as make our payments no one can take this house from us. I am having as much fun as one can by doing house work.  I really can not wait to start painting. I wanted to start before we moved our stuff in, but it did not happen that way. I have a huge to do list of stuff I want to get done to this house to make it ours.


We got signed up for the insurance at Steve’s job. The benefits start the day you start so that is so awesome. It has been four years or so since we last had medical insurance. I am excited about going to the Dr. go figure.


Mom and Dad are bringing their last load this weekend. It will be the big stuff. We are going up to help them load it up on Saturday then come down here and unload. They will be staying up there until Wednesday or Thursday. Moms last day at work is Wednesday. I am really happy they are moving in. (No I am not just saying that cause you are reading this Dad!!!) It will be nice to be close to them again, especially since they are both getting older.


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