Weddings Make Me Sentimental

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We went to a friends wedding last night. It was very small and private, but it was beautiful. The happy couple is moving to Florida, well really the groom already lives there, but the bride lives near us. They have been together on and off for 13+ years. They have a 13 year old son. I wish them all the happiness in the world. May the Lord bless their marriage in every way HE can.


Going to the wedding made me very sentimental. I keep thinking back to the day Steve and I got married. I was so scared and nervous. I can remember thinking this can not be that hard, we love each other and that is all we need. I have learned a lot since then. There have been so many ups  downs, and turn a rounds that would make your head spin, cause I know it made my head spin. The one thing that sticks out in my mind is that the harder the time, the closer Steve and I became. I also thought on the day we got married that I could not possibly love him more than I did on that day, but as the days turn into months and the months turn into years I find myself falling more and more in love with him.


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