There Are Good Men Out There

I have a good man, no a great man. Actually I have many great men in my life. Now do not get me wrong they are not perfect, but then no one is perfect. I was inspired by this post Acknowledging there are good men out there.


  • Steve, my husband is a great man. He takes care of me financially so I can stay home, he does not complain about being the sole bread winner. He has supported me through many times of need. I know he will always be there when I need him. He is my rock. He has opened our home to my parents and makes them feel welcome and reassures them that they are welcome to stay as long as they need/want to. He is very romantic he is always making sure that I feel loved and appreciated. There is not a day goes by that he does not tell me I am beautiful, that he loves me, that I am the only one he wants to be with.


  • Jackie, my father, well I still call him Daddy. He is a great man. I have always been a Daddy’s girl. When I was young he took me on dates. He worked hard to give us all we wanted and needed. I know he will be there wither it is to fix a leaky sink or to let me cry on his shoulder. I looked to him to find out how a man should treat his wife. He treats my Mom like the queen she is. My parents will be married 29 years in Oct. I have seen him struggle this last year with lung cancer and win. He will always be a hero in my eyes.


  • Ricke, my brother is a great man. He so lovingly calls me sasquatch. He is a wonder father to his children. And a very loving husband.


  • Rich, my brother in law is a great man. He treats my sister like gold. He has taken on two boys that are not his, but treats them as they are his children. I respect him so much the way he loves those boys.


  • Scott and William, my nephews will be great men. Scott will be 16 tomorrow (if you are driving in the Euless Tx area tomorrow be very afraid). He still calls me Aunt Jaja. He is sweet and kind more than most 16 year olds are. William is 13 and sends me myspace messages to tell me he loves me and asks “wuts up”. He is also sweet and loving and has an innocents to him that makes me smile every time I see him.

I am blessed. I have truly wonderful men around me.


  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. breyedlady0603

    Thank You Tom

  3. Mel

    🙂 I followed you from Bill’s place…….and I say ‘pshaw’…….you have a wonderful way with words!

    Thank you for sharing them.


  4. I thank you so very much for responding to my request for acknowledgment of the great men in your life. You truly are blessed to be surrounded by such good men. I would appreciate it if you would express my thanks to each of them in turn for representing men in the manner men should be seen.
    I will be back to read more of what you have to say and I hope I will be hearing more from you over at my site.

  5. breyedlady0603


    Thank you for your wonderful comment. I am heading over to check out your place. ….

  6. breyedlady0603


    Your welcome. I will thank them not only for you but for me as well. You made me ask myself how often do I express my gratitude toward not only the men but all the wonderful people who I love dearly.

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