My Bread Man and the Hurricane

Well Steve is no longer a Dr. Pepper man. He got fired. It really sucked, but I know everything happens for a reason. He was running late and he called his boss to tell him he would be late and the boss told him do not bother coming in at all turn your stuff in when you pick up your paycheck on Friday. And that was all she wrote. Well he started a new job again, on Monday. He will be delivering bread. Do you know the bread store Panera? That is who he is working for. He works from 12am till he is  done going to Waco and Houston every day. He works a four day week. They want him to make a run to Houston this weekend, but with Ike supposed to hit Houston pretty hard they are not sure if they are going to evacuate, and if they do that there will be no way in to Houston. I am really not to crazy about the idea of him driving into a hurricane. I know the Lord will protect him. They are predicting that we will get some pretty stormy weather because of Ike. Tornadoes and flooding are  likely. Sounds like it is going to be a rough weekend. 

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  1. Mel

    *sigh* What an unpleasant moment….but I’m glad things turned around so quickly.

    Now–if driving into hurricanes/tornados/floods happens, I’ll take it all back…..LOL

    Be safe, stay well!

  2. breyedlady0603

    We will find out for sure in the morning if he has to go to Houston. More than likely he wont be going. I am glad it turned around qucikly also.

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