Another trip to the Hospital

We made another trip to the hospital on Thursday afternoon. However, it was not my Mom who needed to go, it was Steve’s Mom Patty. Her heart is acting up. She has to take nitro for her heart and she has been told if you have to take more than three pills go to the hospital, which is what we did. Let me tell you most of the E.R. department staff in Hughley Hospital was rude and unkind as all get out. I think we saw our nurse a total of 3 times in a 8 hour period. I know they were busy, but the little lady in the room next to us had a great nurse. Sher took care of that lady made sure she had something to eat, something to drink, and she even answered our pages to our nurse who had disappeared. There was also another nurse that was very helpful, and a radiologist that had a great since of humor! We finally after 8 hours of hardly any information were told that they were going to admit her into the hospital. We did not get her settled into her room till after 1 in the morning. I have to say the nursing staff in the unit we are is much nicer. They seem to really care about their patients. I spent the night last night with her and she was feeling much better. I came home about three and my Mom went to stay the night with her tonight so I could get some rest. Hopefully tomorrow she will be released, Mike misses her.


  1. Mel

    Oh geeze…..I do hope she’s better today.

    And good nurses are a gift. Unfortunately, it’s the not so good ones that tend to get the attention.

    *sending healing thoughts*

  2. breyedlady0603

    This is true. It takes a special person to be a nurse. She is feeling much better. She got to come home this afternoon. She was very happy to be out of that hospital.

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