I hate being sick. I can’t quit coughing, my throat hurts, I am cold, I am tired so very tired, everything is really loud, and I hurt my body hurts. OK I  promise no more complaining.

We had our Christmas musical a week ago,  it went great. We had a full house on Sunday night.  Steve did great with his part. My pictures did not turn out like I hoped they would so no pictures. We had  the house to ourselves last week. Mom and Dad went to spend the week with Pa-Pa. It is was nice to have the house to ourselves. We haven’t really been alone since August. Dad worked with Pa-P while they were there. Pa-Pa owns his own plumbing business. Dad was happy to be able to work a little. It has been crazy here weather wise. The begging of the week is really cold in the 20’s or the teens  and by Wednesday or Thursday it is in the 60s. I really wish we would have a white Christmas. I do not believe I have ever seen one. Oh well I am tired I am going to rest. Keep Warm and God Bless


  1. Mel

    Oh no…….on the holiday week, no less.

    Ya poor thing.

    *sending healing thoughts*

    Do take care of yourself!

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