~My Husband Rocks~ Sharing Life

My husband in the last 24 hours has truly amazed me twice. God blessed me so much when He brought Steve into my life. My sister and I are not getting along so much right now, and it made Christmas a little awkward. When Steve said grace he stood up for me in a very positive and polite manner. I love having such a great man who is so supportive.

I have mentioned before our tradition of the teddy bears. Well I did not get one this year. Our money situation is tight and we just had more need of other things. I will admit I was disappointed those bears make me smile and bring me such joy as I bring them out year after year. Steve got a $30 dollar gift card from work and this morning he woke me up by stuffing a bear into my arms. He had stopped on his way home from work stood in line for Wally World to open and bought me the last bear with 2008 on its foot. He brought tears to my eyes. He is so thoughtful and loving. I am so grateful to GodChristmas Bear 08 for bringing Steve into my life.

If you would like to join in check out The Great Adventure


  1. Mel

    What a brilliant idea — it’s become far too easy to focus on what’s considered the ‘defects’ of our spouses. I’m the odd man out when it comes to talking about husbands–really, I have no complaints. I try to keep it simple–and simply put, it’s not my ‘job’ to try to manage him–LORD knows it’s a fulltime job managing me.

    What a sweetheart of a fella for the lengths he went to so he could tuck that bear into your arms!

    Now I can go investigate the links! 🙂

  2. breyedlady0603

    He is a sweetheart. I am learning not to manage the hubby and let Him manage both of us. He does so much of a better job than the two of us could ever do.

  3. how sweet! what a wonderful hubby you have! 🙂

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