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Happy-Birthday-CommentsMy darling,wonderful,absolutely the best husband in the world is 30 years old today!!!!!! Happy Birthday baby. I know you are a little sad, but just think our car insurance should go down!!! Seriously do not be sad. It is OK to be 30. Celebrate like there is no tomorrow!!!!


I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself because Steve has to work tonight. When midnight hits I can only cuddle my Princess. If she is not already asleep. I got to thinking about it and I have nothing to feel sorry for myself about. 2008 has been a great year.

  • We got our own home, when so many people are losing theirs.
  • We have not lost one person in our family.
  • My Dad made it through another year, there was a point where we were not sure if he would make it through 2007.
  • Steve has finally found a good job that he likes. It took a couple of tries, but he is now a happy little camper.
  • We have gotten right with the Lord.
  • We got to see an African American elected president. I may not agree with his politics, but he is still a history making president.
  • Gas prices soared to new heights then dropped like a rock.( Thank You Lord)
  • We have found a church family that is awesome.
  • Steve and I’s relationship is stronger and we are closer than we have ever been.
  • Mom and Dad living here and no major problems.( Thank You Lord)
  • We found our missing niece, who has had 2 boys in her years being away from the family.

Yes we have had our downs, but are highs outweigh those by so much

  • Mom winding up in the hospital 2 times.
  • Being thrown out of our duplex because it was foreclosed on. (That was how we started the new year)(Mind you we were renters!!)
  • Patty ending up in the hospital.
  • Steve being fired twice and quitting 2 other jobs.

Really those are all I can think of. Like I said the good more than out weighs the bad. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and please be safe. May God bless all of you this year. Here’s to a great,safe,happy,healthy,and spiritual 2009!!!

My husband in the last 24 hours has truly amazed me twice. God blessed me so much when He brought Steve into my life. My sister and I are not getting along so much right now, and it made Christmas a little awkward. When Steve said grace he stood up for me in a very positive and polite manner. I love having such a great man who is so supportive.

I have mentioned before our tradition of the teddy bears. Well I did not get one this year. Our money situation is tight and we just had more need of other things. I will admit I was disappointed those bears make me smile and bring me such joy as I bring them out year after year. Steve got a $30 dollar gift card from work and this morning he woke me up by stuffing a bear into my arms. He had stopped on his way home from work stood in line for Wally World to open and bought me the last bear with 2008 on its foot. He brought tears to my eyes. He is so thoughtful and loving. I am so grateful to GodChristmas Bear 08 for bringing Steve into my life.

If you would like to join in check out The Great Adventure

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

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I think this song says it all. Happy Birthday Jesus.


If you want to play along visit Heads or Tails

What I love about this time of year is families coming together. The memories created in whose ever kitchen we are cooking. My Sister and I giving Mom a hard time. Traditions past down year after year. Getting to sit around and talk to family you do not usually get to enjoy during the year. I love knowing that Jesus was born and died for us. He was not a pawn of destiney He was a disciple of obedience. He knew what His fate was, and He did it for us.

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I hate being sick. I can’t quit coughing, my throat hurts, I am cold, I am tired so very tired, everything is really loud, and I hurt my body hurts. OK I  promise no more complaining.

We had our Christmas musical a week ago,  it went great. We had a full house on Sunday night.  Steve did great with his part. My pictures did not turn out like I hoped they would so no pictures. We had  the house to ourselves last week. Mom and Dad went to spend the week with Pa-Pa. It is was nice to have the house to ourselves. We haven’t really been alone since August. Dad worked with Pa-P while they were there. Pa-Pa owns his own plumbing business. Dad was happy to be able to work a little. It has been crazy here weather wise. The begging of the week is really cold in the 20’s or the teens  and by Wednesday or Thursday it is in the 60s. I really wish we would have a white Christmas. I do not believe I have ever seen one. Oh well I am tired I am going to rest. Keep Warm and God Bless

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Another Favorite

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Ok so I love this song…I know it is stupid and it drives my Mom nuts, but I think it is great. So enjoy and know I am sitting here smiling away. It is not Christmas intil I hear this song.