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I really wish I had my camera with me earlier when I was in town but I did not have it on me so will will just have to believe me. Gas is below the TWO dollar mark. Gas at the Wally World gas station was $ 1.95 wholy moly. Prices have fell almost a dollar this week!!!! Diesel is also coming down, but much more slowly.


We have a little problem. Well really it is a bunch of little problems, we have rodents,of the mice variety. I hate mice. They are gross and yucky!!! We have caught six in the traps. We found one in the dog food bowl earlier today. GROSS!  We live out in the country and have lots of fields around us so I know they are looking for a warm place to bed in for the winter, but I have news for them they are not living in this house!!!!! I have the hebbie gibbies just thinking about them.

I am so amazed by God’s goodness, His grace, His mercy, His peace, His joy, and His timing. I know he led us to this house. He puts us here for many reasons. He led my husband and I to open up our home to my parents. He has led us to our new wonderful church home. We are struggling financially. Well not struggling that is not the right word. Yes we are behind in our bills but I have faith I know God will handle these things. In the past when we got in a bind I worried, worried and worried some more.  The thing is though we are behind  I know he has us in his hands. We just got Steve’s first full check from the bread company and it was enough to pay the really imporant stuff and have enough to get us through till next pay check. I have a peace beyond understanding. I am filled with joy to be in our new house with my parents in a new church. I have not felt this happy in a long time. I am making friends. We have officially become members of the church, I was asked to join the choir, Mom and I are going to a bible study on Monday nights. I have a new best friend his name is Jesus. I can call on him night or day. He always listens and sends answers in ways that completely blow my mind. I am so full of joy, happiness, peace. I am just amazed!!!

I can not begin to describe how happy I am to be in our own home. I know we are not moving any where for a long long time. I love waking up in the morning and knowing if I want to paint the walls black and orange I could, but I would not do that I hate the color orange. It is a relief knowing as long as make our payments no one can take this house from us. I am having as much fun as one can by doing house work.  I really can not wait to start painting. I wanted to start before we moved our stuff in, but it did not happen that way. I have a huge to do list of stuff I want to get done to this house to make it ours.


We got signed up for the insurance at Steve’s job. The benefits start the day you start so that is so awesome. It has been four years or so since we last had medical insurance. I am excited about going to the Dr. go figure.


Mom and Dad are bringing their last load this weekend. It will be the big stuff. We are going up to help them load it up on Saturday then come down here and unload. They will be staying up there until Wednesday or Thursday. Moms last day at work is Wednesday. I am really happy they are moving in. (No I am not just saying that cause you are reading this Dad!!!) It will be nice to be close to them again, especially since they are both getting older.


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Before and After


Last weekend we got our new stove and dishwasher.  The stove that came with the house was old. It was also a slide  in, and it was only 26 inches wide which is little for a stove. We knew we would have to cut off some of the counter off. Well Steve and my Dad got the counters cut down and got the old stove out. They got it wired and then tried to push it back. Well lets just say it did not fit. Mom and Dad had to return their trailer they had rented so they headed back home.  Steve and I decided that the cabinet and the counter top was coming out that night.  Little did we know, Steve pulled up on the counter and the whole thing came off the cabinet.  OK, that was easy. Steve grabbed a door and pulled off came the door with half the cabinet. These things were real sturdy!!!! We went to the big orange home improvement place and priced cabinets. Well seeing that Steve wont get his first paycheck from Dr. Pepper until this coming Friday we decided to hold off. Well Mom and Dad came back down on Sunday and they were being the wonderful parents that they always are, and bought us cabinets and a counter top. They look so awesome!!! If you just look at my right bottom side the kitchen is so pretty. It will not be long before the rest of the kitchen is caught up. I can not say thank you enough Mom and Dad. We love you guys!!!

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It is kind of hard to post when all you are doing is unpacking boxes, cleaning out cabinets, and putting your stuff away. I have been asking myself how did I acquire all this stuff.  It seems like boxes are multiplying over night. I will think I made some head way and go to bed, the next morning it seems like there are more boxes than the night before.

I have to find a trash service cause we are out in the country and they do not have a city trash service out here.

Our new neighbors are wonderfully nice. After we had gotten everything unloaded last Saturday we went and got some grub, and when we returned home there was a box full of girl scout cookies on our front porch along with a note that said “Welcome to the Court”. When I say full I mean full I bet there was 10 boxes of cookies!!!!  I was so surprised. I have moved into a lot of different neighborhoods and never have I received such a nice welcome. We lived next to someone for almost a whole year and the first time we talked to them was when we were moving out. It  is very nice out here. It is very quite. 

We are getting new appliances this weekend. I can not wait to get a stove. I am so damned tired of eating out!!!! We have a stove, but if you turn it on there is a very unpleasant smoking action happening. I think it is probably the ugliest stove I have ever seen. It is harvest gold. It is from the 70s to say the least. Oh well I am off to unpack more boxes!!!!!

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Quote Note 26

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I am thankful for a lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home…. I am thankful for the piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby. 



Nancie J. Carmody~

All Moved In

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We are moved into our new home. It is so great to be in an actual house again. Steve and I can move at the same time and not be on each others toes.  We moved in on Saturday.

I literally just got my computer hooked up. I quit posting for a while because where we were the Internet speed was horrible. I was really worried about what it would be out here because our cell phone signal really sucks!!!! I was surprised when I turned it on, probably the best since we have had the air card.

Steve started a new job yesterday. He is so excited about this job. He is working for Dr. Pepper. He will be delivering to gas stations and such for now. The great thing is that the benefits start from day 1.