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If you want to play along visit Heads or Tails

What I love about this time of year is families coming together. The memories created in whose ever kitchen we are cooking. My Sister and I giving Mom a hard time. Traditions past down year after year. Getting to sit around and talk to family you do not usually get to enjoy during the year. I love knowing that Jesus was born and died for us. He was not a pawn of destiney He was a disciple of obedience. He knew what His fate was, and He did it for us.



Heads Anything Round…………………………Click on Heads Or Tails to join in the fun.

merry go round Pictures, Images and Photos

Merry go round Pictures, Images and Photos


This weeks head or tails is HEADS FILL *or* TAILS PHIL I am choosing Fill. You can play here. Heads or Tails

This cold weather we are experiencing fills me with the Christmas Spirit. There is nothing like sipping on hot chocolate, snuggling by the fireplace, and having the room lit by the lights on the Christmas tree.pict0894


I love the way Christmas lights shine and sparkle. They give the season a magical feel.

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