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We spent the weekend with our family. Steve’s sister Amy came over and we went fishing out at the pound in the pasture. Amy brought all her kids over and we went swimming. It is the first time they have been over in about 2 years. Patty and Amy are too much alike to really get along. We had a lot of fun hanging out with more of Steve’s family than we usually get to. Patty got tickets to go to the race track next weekend, but she decided not to go. She is getting shots in her knees to help with her OA, and she is in a lot of pain after the shots for a couple of days. It is for qualifying for the IRL and the the Nascar Truck Series. I am not going, I am going to spend the day with my Mom and my sister. Steve is going with my Dad, my sister’s husband, and one of my nephews. I am so excited that the guys are all spending time together. Tomorrow is mine and Steve’s anniversary. It is hard to believe it has been eight years.


Steve started another new job. He decided he needed to make more money. He has gone back to driving. Although with this job I can go with him. I do his paperwork. He is working as a courier. He really seems like he is enjoying the job.



It is a wonderful Sunday. We are watching the racing. Dale Jr. is doing very good. We are relaxing together. Cuddled up together cause its kind of chilly. Even the dogs are relaxing and not really excited about anything. Sunday a day of rest.

Nascar here we come




We are going to Texas Motor Speedway on Sunday. It will be my first race. I am excited. Jr. is on the pole. It would be awesome if Dale Jr. won on the first race I go to. I am so darned excited!!!!! Go Dale Go.

We went to the Chevy Thunder Days in Ft. Worth yesterday. We got Jeremy Mayfield’s autograph. It was neat.