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We had ice everywhere on Monday. It was cold, but very pretty. I had to take  pictures to share.

I was sitting here feeling sorry for myself because Steve has to work tonight. When midnight hits I can only cuddle my Princess. If she is not already asleep. I got to thinking about it and I have nothing to feel sorry for myself about. 2008 has been a great year.

  • We got our own home, when so many people are losing theirs.
  • We have not lost one person in our family.
  • My Dad made it through another year, there was a point where we were not sure if he would make it through 2007.
  • Steve has finally found a good job that he likes. It took a couple of tries, but he is now a happy little camper.
  • We have gotten right with the Lord.
  • We got to see an African American elected president. I may not agree with his politics, but he is still a history making president.
  • Gas prices soared to new heights then dropped like a rock.( Thank You Lord)
  • We have found a church family that is awesome.
  • Steve and I’s relationship is stronger and we are closer than we have ever been.
  • Mom and Dad living here and no major problems.( Thank You Lord)
  • We found our missing niece, who has had 2 boys in her years being away from the family.

Yes we have had our downs, but are highs outweigh those by so much

  • Mom winding up in the hospital 2 times.
  • Being thrown out of our duplex because it was foreclosed on. (That was how we started the new year)(Mind you we were renters!!)
  • Patty ending up in the hospital.
  • Steve being fired twice and quitting 2 other jobs.

Really those are all I can think of. Like I said the good more than out weighs the bad. I hope you all have a wonderful new year and please be safe. May God bless all of you this year. Here’s to a great,safe,happy,healthy,and spiritual 2009!!!

I hate being sick. I can’t quit coughing, my throat hurts, I am cold, I am tired so very tired, everything is really loud, and I hurt my body hurts. OK I  promise no more complaining.

We had our Christmas musical a week ago,  it went great. We had a full house on Sunday night.  Steve did great with his part. My pictures did not turn out like I hoped they would so no pictures. We had  the house to ourselves last week. Mom and Dad went to spend the week with Pa-Pa. It is was nice to have the house to ourselves. We haven’t really been alone since August. Dad worked with Pa-P while they were there. Pa-Pa owns his own plumbing business. Dad was happy to be able to work a little. It has been crazy here weather wise. The begging of the week is really cold in the 20’s or the teens  and by Wednesday or Thursday it is in the 60s. I really wish we would have a white Christmas. I do not believe I have ever seen one. Oh well I am tired I am going to rest. Keep Warm and God Bless

Ever since Steve and I had our first Christmas as a married couple we have been saying

Almost Finished Tree

this year will be the year we get a real tree. Every year we end just using the one we have in storage. I am so proud of us after all this will be our 8th Christmas together we finally bought a real tree!!!! I love real trees. Nothing can beat the smell of having a Christmas tree in your living room. I am so happy. When I was growing up my Mom would not even bear to think of using a fake tree. Although we have a very nice fake tree it is just not the same as a real one. I do not care what kind of candles, air freshers, or oil  you use nothing compares to the smell of a real tree.

The first Christmas we were together Steve bought me a teddy bear with the year on its paw. It was his way of making up of our first fight. Well it has become a tradition for him to buy me one of these bears or sometimes even the matching pair every Christmas. I have not received my bear for this

Teddy Bears

Christmas yet. I was not real sure where to put my bears this year. I have been moving them around trying them out in different places. I really liked them on the fireplace hearth, but we decided to use the fireplace so they got thrown on the couch. Then my brilliant husband decided to hang from the ceiling. I thought it was a pretty great idea!

My Mom had this Christmas village when I was growing up and I thought it was the coolest idea! So when I got married and started our traditions I started a Christmas village. I just started it last year really, but the auction we go to on Friday nights had this huge Christmas auction last year and I was able to get a lot of this stuff pretty cheap. Village


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This is what I am thankful for. Some are serious, some are silly, but all the same they are important to remember because even the poorest in America have so much more than a lot of people in the world

I am thankful for:

  • My Salvation
  • God’s Grace
  • God’s Mercy
  • God’s Love
  • God’s Word
  • Prayer
  • The Power of Prayer
  • Being born in a country that has religious freedom
  • Running Water
  • Hot Water
  • Clean Water
  • Electricity
  • Our Truck
  • Our House
  • My Family
  • My Husband
  • My Husbands great job
  • Our Church Family
  • Our Church Choir
  • Our Pastor
  • Our Worship Leader
  • Our Youth Pastor
  • Our Dogs
  • Moms Surgeon
  • Moms Successful Surgery
  • Moms Healing
  • Dads Health
  • Barry and Nina
  • That we have plenty of food
  • A bed to sleep in
  • A shower to bathe in
  • Central Heat and Air
  • My Chi ( its a flat iron and it does miracles on my hair)
  • Our Woman’s Bible Study
  • My New Bible
  • My Computer
  • The Internet
  • Dr. Peppers
  • Sweet Tea
  • To Live In Texas
  • The Earth
  • Moon
  • Stars
  • The Ability to Love
  • The Ability to Forgive
  • The Ability to be Forgiven
  • The Every Day Blessings
  • My Marriage and that it is growing stronger with the Lords help

Wow I am tired. I have spent at least 8 hours in the kitchen today. I baked 200+ cookies, cleaned up the huge mess I made, cooked dinner for the family, cleaned up some more, then made two dishes for our church Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and now I need  to clean up the kitchen again. Only, I am going to leave it till tomorrow, I am going to take a shower to get all the flour out my hair and go to bed. God Bless!!!! I will put up cookie pics tomorrow.

A touching song that really makes you think of what He did for all of us.

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Sorry about not posting in the last couple of weeks, but our Internet got turned off at the very end of October. That tends to happen when you do not have the money to pay the bill. Now it is back on, I have a way to vent again! Yahoo!!!

What a month November has been so far, I can not wait to see what is coming next. Let me see, where do I start? Mom and Dad’s truck died at my Mother in Laws house. They just got it back two days ago. The fuel pump went out (really it just died). It was $607.00 to fix the truck. OUCH!!!! The guy who works on our vehicles is really nice and worked out a payment plan with Dad which was pretty cool. Then a true blessing from God above came, our Pastor paid half of the bill for us. I am so amazed at this church. The people just blow my mind with how kind and compassionate they are.

Last Tuesday night Dad took Mom to the E.R. Her side was hurting and it got so bad it was hard for her to move and anytime she ate her stomach would goes nuts shooting pains everywhere. Well they kept her. Turned out she had a bowel obstruction. They waited for a bit to see if it would clear up on its own, but on Wednesday they did another set of x rays and noticed that the obstruction had grown much bigger since the night before.  She had surgery Wednesday afternoon. Our Pastor stayed with us until her surgery was over. Again, this church blows my mind! She is still in the hospital a week later. We think the doctor is going to let her come home tomorrow hopefully. It is really weird her not being around the house.

The choir for church is putting together a Christmas show called Heaven Touches Earth. It is about the Jesus being born and the events leading up to his birth and afterward. It is really neat and the songs are just beautiful, but our drama people are having a hard time showing up and keeping their commitments to the show. Steve has just taken over a part in the show. He is nervous but he will be great.

Steve has renewed his commitment to serving the Lord. I have a new husband. I have a head, and I am learning to be submissive. It really is hard to just let go of control. I am so very proud of him. He is going to drive the church van to pick up kids and families that do not have a way to get to church. He leads me in prayer and in studying.  We have both cleaned out what cds we have, we have cleaned up our mouths, we started going to Sunday School, and on Wednesday nights we are both involved in Awanas. I have a group of 5 girls that report to me. They work on memorizing God’s Word during the week then they have to recite it to me. They get rewards as they go through their sections. Steve helps out with the boys, but they are not broken down into groups like the girls are.

I got baptized on Nov 2. It was a neat day.

Oh Well I am tired so I am going to bed. Good Night and God Bless You all

My husband heard this song the other day and I found the vidoe this is really too cute! It is by Chris Rice.

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