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Mom, Steve, and I volunteered to help out in the snack bar for our church’s upwards basketball games yesterday. We had a lot of fun. We got to meet a bunch of people that go to our church, that we have not had a chance to meet yet. We were also able to get better acquainted with other people. We had a really fun time. Steve grilled fajitas and hamburgers. It was a long day, but totally worth the effort. Steve went straight to the church after he got off of work. By 7:30 last night we were both asleep. Jeez, 7:30 on a Saturday night is really early to go to bed.  


If you live in the Cleuburne, Joshua  area or even in Ft. Worth our church is showing the movie Fireproof tonight. There will be free child care for all age kids.. The movie is free. Please come to see it with us. Bring your spouse, or your spouse to be. This is such a great movie for marriage. If you need directions or want more information click here. The movie starts at 6:00 pm.


We had ice everywhere on Monday. It was cold, but very pretty. I had to take  pictures to share.

I hate being sick. I can’t quit coughing, my throat hurts, I am cold, I am tired so very tired, everything is really loud, and I hurt my body hurts. OK I  promise no more complaining.

We had our Christmas musical a week ago,  it went great. We had a full house on Sunday night.  Steve did great with his part. My pictures did not turn out like I hoped they would so no pictures. We had  the house to ourselves last week. Mom and Dad went to spend the week with Pa-Pa. It is was nice to have the house to ourselves. We haven’t really been alone since August. Dad worked with Pa-P while they were there. Pa-Pa owns his own plumbing business. Dad was happy to be able to work a little. It has been crazy here weather wise. The begging of the week is really cold in the 20’s or the teens  and by Wednesday or Thursday it is in the 60s. I really wish we would have a white Christmas. I do not believe I have ever seen one. Oh well I am tired I am going to rest. Keep Warm and God Bless


This weeks head or tails is HEADS FILL *or* TAILS PHIL I am choosing Fill. You can play here. Heads or Tails

This cold weather we are experiencing fills me with the Christmas Spirit. There is nothing like sipping on hot chocolate, snuggling by the fireplace, and having the room lit by the lights on the Christmas tree.pict0894


I love the way Christmas lights shine and sparkle. They give the season a magical feel.

Try this Meme here Heads or Tails

I love snow! The thing is I live in Texas. We do not get a whole lot of snow. When it does snow it never sticks. As soon as it hits the ground it is gone. It made me smile when I found I could let it snow on my blog. It is way too cool!!!!

Ever since Steve and I had our first Christmas as a married couple we have been saying

Almost Finished Tree

this year will be the year we get a real tree. Every year we end just using the one we have in storage. I am so proud of us after all this will be our 8th Christmas together we finally bought a real tree!!!! I love real trees. Nothing can beat the smell of having a Christmas tree in your living room. I am so happy. When I was growing up my Mom would not even bear to think of using a fake tree. Although we have a very nice fake tree it is just not the same as a real one. I do not care what kind of candles, air freshers, or oil  you use nothing compares to the smell of a real tree.

The first Christmas we were together Steve bought me a teddy bear with the year on its paw. It was his way of making up of our first fight. Well it has become a tradition for him to buy me one of these bears or sometimes even the matching pair every Christmas. I have not received my bear for this

Teddy Bears

Christmas yet. I was not real sure where to put my bears this year. I have been moving them around trying them out in different places. I really liked them on the fireplace hearth, but we decided to use the fireplace so they got thrown on the couch. Then my brilliant husband decided to hang from the ceiling. I thought it was a pretty great idea!

My Mom had this Christmas village when I was growing up and I thought it was the coolest idea! So when I got married and started our traditions I started a Christmas village. I just started it last year really, but the auction we go to on Friday nights had this huge Christmas auction last year and I was able to get a lot of this stuff pretty cheap. Village

This is Princess in her new sweater

This is Princess in her new sweater

My Mom and Dads dog Shadow got out of our fence a couple of nights ago. Steve and I had gone to an auction and left Princess (our dog) running free in the house. I guess Dad let them outside and decide to leave them out their for a little bit, but he did not plan on falling asleep. Mom heard Princess barking and could not seem to locate Princess. Mom went into our living room and looked out our sliding glass door and noticed little Miss. Princess at the door. Mom let her in and called for Shadow, but Shadow was not in the back yard. He was gone. She woke Dad to tell him Shadow was not in the yard. Dad started walking the neighborhood looking for Shadow. He finally gave up and was pretty upset with himself. He was also really happy that Princess had not followed Shadow, cause he knows that dang dog is my baby and I would be heartbroken if anything should happen to her. We all go to bed and the next morning Shadow is back in the yard all wet and muddy. Dad was very happy to see Shadow and called Shadow to him, but something was wrong with Shadow. He had a very bad limp. Dad got to looking at him and saw he was all cut up. We are not sure if he got hit by a car or he got in a fight with another animal. We doctored him up pretty good. Cleaned his cuts, cleaned him, and watched him to make sure he was OK. The limp is going away and his cuts are healing nicely. I told Shadow he better have learned his lesson next time he might not be so lucky.

Poor Shadow

Poor Shadow

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope the Lord blesses your family this holiday season. Try not to gobble till you wobble!!!

I am so amazed by God’s goodness, His grace, His mercy, His peace, His joy, and His timing. I know he led us to this house. He puts us here for many reasons. He led my husband and I to open up our home to my parents. He has led us to our new wonderful church home. We are struggling financially. Well not struggling that is not the right word. Yes we are behind in our bills but I have faith I know God will handle these things. In the past when we got in a bind I worried, worried and worried some more.  The thing is though we are behind  I know he has us in his hands. We just got Steve’s first full check from the bread company and it was enough to pay the really imporant stuff and have enough to get us through till next pay check. I have a peace beyond understanding. I am filled with joy to be in our new house with my parents in a new church. I have not felt this happy in a long time. I am making friends. We have officially become members of the church, I was asked to join the choir, Mom and I are going to a bible study on Monday nights. I have a new best friend his name is Jesus. I can call on him night or day. He always listens and sends answers in ways that completely blow my mind. I am so full of joy, happiness, peace. I am just amazed!!!