I am Jessi and I live in Texas.  I have 1 brother and 1 sister. They are both older than me. My parents are still married they just celebrated their 28th anniversary. My dad struggled with lung cancer this last year. He is in remission. I have learned so much from watching him get through everything he has been through. I am married to a great guy his name is Steve. We have been married for 8 years. I am 25. We don’t have any kids yet, but we are trying. We have a Miniature Schnauzer her name is Princess.  We just bought a home and we are working to get it just the way we want it.


I am finding myself in a place wanting to be closer with God. I want a deeper relationship with Him. Yes, I believe in God. He is an awesome God. He can handle all of our problems. He wants a closer relationship with all of us. So I have decided to make this blog about my time studying the Bible and what I find. It will be about what I feel the need to share and along with living a Christian life as best as I can. I have started a prayer journal that I do my best to write in every day. I am much better with writing words then with trying to get my prayers heard and thoughts out by mouth. My daily quotes will become scriptures and now be called Daily Devotions.

God Bless you all


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