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WOW oh WOW!!!! We went by Wally World earlier this afternoon and gas was at $3.14(which was down from last night by about 10 cents) After our movie we went back to Wally World to get some stuff and gas was at are you ready for this… was at $2.99!!! Under 3 dollars yippee!!!! Then we got out of Wally World and noticed in the 30 mins we were inside gas had fallen again to $2.97. Holy Moly people. This makes me excited!!!!


Anywayz……Steve called me this morning and told me to not eat anything cause he is taking me out. We had such a great time. We went and had our favorite restaurant Mexican Inn. Then he took me to Half Price Books. I got a Jodi Picoult book called Keeping Faith. She is a wonderful author. I also got a Janet Evanovich book called Plum Lucky. This author is so darned funny!!! There are not many books that really make me laugh out loud but hers do. After that we went to the movies. We saw Fireproof. If this movie is in your theater go see it. Take your spouse. It is about a married couple fixing to get a divorce and the husband takes what is called a love dare and it last 40 days. It ends up saving their marriage. This movie is not getting a lot of advertisement because it is a Christian movie so go see it then tell a friend. NO cussing, no sex it is very family friendly with older kids. It is a great movie!!!!

A couple of weeks ago Steve’s Mom gave us a 55 gallon fish tank. Well we got some fishies for it. I think we have 8 fishies so far. Fish are cool!!!!!

Facing the Giants

I love this movie. If you want a movie you can watch with your entire family and relax this is a movie for you. It is about a high school football coach not doing to well on many different areas of his life. He turns to God and his prayers are answered. This movie has a little bit for everyone. Get ready to get inspired and keep some tissues around if you cry at movies like I do. There are 2 more movies by this church Flywheel and Second Chances. They also have a new movie coming out on Sept 26 called Fireproof. I can not wait to see that movie.



Facing the Giants