The Adventure Of Shadow

This is Princess in her new sweater

This is Princess in her new sweater

My Mom and Dads dog Shadow got out of our fence a couple of nights ago. Steve and I had gone to an auction and left Princess (our dog) running free in the house. I guess Dad let them outside and decide to leave them out their for a little bit, but he did not plan on falling asleep. Mom heard Princess barking and could not seem to locate Princess. Mom went into our living room and looked out our sliding glass door and noticed little Miss. Princess at the door. Mom let her in and called for Shadow, but Shadow was not in the back yard. He was gone. She woke Dad to tell him Shadow was not in the yard. Dad started walking the neighborhood looking for Shadow. He finally gave up and was pretty upset with himself. He was also really happy that Princess had not followed Shadow, cause he knows that dang dog is my baby and I would be heartbroken if anything should happen to her. We all go to bed and the next morning Shadow is back in the yard all wet and muddy. Dad was very happy to see Shadow and called Shadow to him, but something was wrong with Shadow. He had a very bad limp. Dad got to looking at him and saw he was all cut up. We are not sure if he got hit by a car or he got in a fight with another animal. We doctored him up pretty good. Cleaned his cuts, cleaned him, and watched him to make sure he was OK. The limp is going away and his cuts are healing nicely. I told Shadow he better have learned his lesson next time he might not be so lucky.

Poor Shadow

Poor Shadow


  1. Mel

    Puppy had an adventure!

    Bit of a rough one, but an adventure none the less……

    I can understand the dad being upset with himself. Thankfully puppy came home and is healing.

  2. sandysays1

    Give my condolences to shadow! From one GR to another. What her for any sign of rabies if her shots aren’t recent. Visit me at:

  3. breyedlady0603


    He says thanks for the condolences, and not to worry his shots are update! He is feeling better every day, but still tires pretty easily.

  4. breyedlady0603


    We are very glad he came home. Dad has been watching him every time he goes outside so he can not escape again.

  5. grimreapercomplete

    Great that you got your dog back… It is quite hard to miss one’s pet especially because he seems to become part of the family….. Once my kitten seemed to have followed me out into the streets and got lost and never returned… was quite sad then….

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